Lillian Sandvoll starts by referring to herself in the third person. She might do this in order to cause slight provocation, to nudge you out of the standarized mindset, or simply because “about me“-pages makes her blood run cold..


However, I’m gonna let you in on the reasoning behind this blog. It is ment as a way for me to keep track of the projects I have during my 3D Design & Animation classes at Noroff. It’s a good way for me to reflect upon the choices I make along the way and to look back on my progression, both for my own sake and for those who want to follow my development.

It also allows for feedback on ideas and projects along the way, so feel free to leave critique or praise in the comments. Constructive criticism is what keeps the fire burning!


I have recently started my second year at Noroff, taking on 3D Game Design. I have also picked up a Media Pedagogy class, however, I’ll try to keep most of my posts centered around the core elements of 2D & 3D design as intended when I first started this blog.


Thanks for dropping by,
– Lilly






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